Trying to fix Puget systems: What you can expect

Trying to fix Puget systems: What you can expect

All Puget Systems come with work and lifetime support. This means that you will never have to pay for the work or support involved with solving problems that arise with your computer. It is very important that we resolve your issues quickly and thoroughly so that you can return to doing the work that interests you.

We put a strong effort to resolve issues that arise in this area, while the system is still in your care, to help you avoid having to part with your computer for any length of time. We recognize that sending your system is not always a good option. However, there are some situations that may require you to send your system to be diagnosed and repaired here in our facility. This article aims to help those who are in such a situation understand what to expect when sending their computers for repair. 

Initiate a repair

Once the Puget Systems support technician has exhausted all the possibilities of solving the problem you are experiencing in the field, you may be asked to send your system to our source for repair. The first step to getting your computer to fix the support technician involves adding the fix to our schedule. The schedule scheduler maintains a fixed calendar for your system on one of our seats and helps protect against unexpected delays in the repair experience. Once the repair process is scheduled, you will receive an email from us containing shipping instructions to send the system to our facility and confirm the start date of the repair. The message will also include a link to a form that needs to be filled in to ensure we have full access to the system and recharged to the correct location. Please fill out as soon as possible, because it lists the information without which we can not complete the fix.

When the system arrives here at Puget Systems and receives a repair technician, you will receive a follow-up email confirming your arrival. The second email will also include a link to your repair ticket on our website, where you can check the status of your system as it makes its way despite our process.

If we have not yet received your responses to the repair form - including confirmation of the sender's shipping address and password for your operating system, if you choose to submit it - the start of the fix may be delayed. In most cases, the repair process takes five to seven business days to complete. It is important to note that this estimate does not include transit time to or from our facility.

Your system arrives at our facility

Once it reaches our repair department, the technician will carefully remove the system and check for damage. Although our systems and original packaging materials are specifically designed to minimize damage caused by shipping, it is important for us to inspect computers as soon as they arrive because, in rare cases, the carrier may have caused damage beyond what our containers can carry. If we find evidence of improper handling of the shipment during transportation to our facility, we will notify you immediately and process a claim with the carrier. We strongly recommend that all system shipments be shipped to our facility for their full value or shipped with a card provided by us. All labels provided by Puget Systems include automatic insurance. If you do not fill your order properly according to our instructions, or ship the system yourself without having to secure it, you may be liable for any costs in case of damage to the shipment. Again, shipping damage is rare but for transparency and due diligence, we feel it is important to provide this information here.

As long as your system reaches its scheduled repair date, it will run on the seat and will begin working on the date the system was scheduled to begin the repair. If the system arrives before the scheduled fix date, it will be marked and placed in our queue. If the system reaches after the scheduled repair date, the fix may be delayed.

Once the system reaches a repair seat, we will check the system and fill out updates in the repair ticket, visible to you via the repair tracking link we sent by email when the system arrived at our facility. After you verify, the next step is to repeat the problem (s) that you are experiencing. If we can not reliably reproduce the issues you originally reported, we may contact you for additional information.

If and when we are able to access the operating system, we will create a test user account. We do this for several reasons. First, this allows us to work in the environment of your program without interacting with your personal data or changing any of your settings. Second, this also allows us to upload our own tools and then remove them without leaving any trace behind you.