My Landlady's Statement


It all stated one july  2ndon Saturday morning when I was informed through my wife friend, a neighbor (Mum Ayo) to Alhaja Aolat Olanike Saliu,( my landlady) that there will be vacant apartment in Alhaja Aolat building any moment from the day she informed my wife,so, I made a move to see the occupant which directed me to Alhaja Aolat Olanike Soliu, the landlady to confirm and the information  was correct and I ask about the payment which she told that the tenancy fee was one hundred and fifty thousand naira only(N150,000)which do not involve any agent or lawyer fee since it was direct between me and her been a brother and sister from the same town(Offa town) but that day she said and I quote( I wanted to renovate the apartment immediately the tenant that occupy the vacate the apartment which will cost me almost two hundred thousand naira(N200,000) but I am not financially buoyant to do so now, except if you can pay in arrears the sum I needed so as to make it fast for you to pack in as early as you need it which you will later deduct the remaining balance while you want to make next payment.) But I told her if at all I wanted to pay in arrears I can only afford additional thirty thousand naira summing up to One hundred and eighty thousand naira (N180,000) which both of us agreed on . So, I came to make my first payment on August 5th,Friday 2016 on a trust been brother and sister from the same town (Offa) ,which is one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000) plus the additional thirty thousand naira(N30,000)she requested for the renovation which sum it up to one hundred and eighty thousand naira only (N180,000)the day the tenant occupying the apartment vacate and she promised to start the renovation immediately,( the master bedroom suck away wall that have collapse and it floor that sloppy which hinder flowing of water to the suck away, the other two toilet when one used and flush the bad odour will penetrate back to the bedroom, all the doors in the room, the painting). I packed all my belonging to one room so as to allow her to do the renovation.
Therefore, I move in to the apartment on October 1st2016 according to agreement that everything will be ready by then but to my own surprise I met everything she promised do as I left it, it really  annoyed me because I do call her time to time been my sister and my landlady to let her fast about it and she keep on telling they are working on it and when I ask her she was pleading and giving excuses to me that I should exercise patient that she has financial challenges  that is why she was unable to meet up on the specify date but due to the brother and sister  stuff from the same Offa I could not do anything, I moving like that and went to her the following day to ask for the next thing and she promised to do it as soon as she was relieved of the challenges and I told her I can’t stay in unpainted apartment like this which is part of what I have paid for, but she pleaded if there is anything I can do to assist her and she suggested if I can make the paint and minor thing I can afford  pending the time she will be relieved that I should noted it in order to deduct it from my next payment which I started the following day and it is as follows.
                                                                                                                                       N          k     
I.Princess paint cream colour (20 litres)@ N7,500 x2 -------------------------         15,000.00
II.princess paint white colour (20 litres) @ N7,500 ----------------------------          7,500.00
    Workmanship ---------------------------------------------------------------------              5,000.00
III.Pop cement  4 bowls for patching the open space in the ceiling@N250--      1,000.00
IV.Carton board for patching hole in the ceiling@N500--------------------------         500.00
V. Workmaship-------------------------------------------------------------------------             3,000.00
XI.Patching of the Toilet wall and in the kitching flour
3 bowls of cement@ N750--------------------------------------------------------------         2,250.00
Sharp sand              @N500-------------------------------------------------------------           500.00
Workmanship          N--------------------------------------------------------------------       1,500.00
`                                                                                                                                      4,250.00
                             Moreover, month after I move into the apartment the water pumping machine stop working and when we notice and i ask her she told me she has took it engineer that when he finish he will bring it, since then I used fetcher to fetched water from well which measure about 27ft deep till date , some months to my tenancy expiring date she ask my wife to tell me to raise her some money so as to travel to by goods to her shop but I didn’t respond to it and she later ask me if I can help make my next tenancy payment in arrears for October  2017 to September 2018 while I have some balance with her which I have never make use off according to our agreement, so I didn’t respond to it because it was like she had took me for granted in the name of brother and sister from the same town (Offa).
So, when my tenancy expired on September 30th2017 she asked me of my renewal which I remind her to go and fixed all she promised at my first payment as I mention above and she later brought a bricklayer which told me the chamber has collapse which they to reconstruct another one but the landlady said it is too costly for her that she didn’t have money at hand then later she will do it, till now she did nothing to it.
Secondly, the pumping machine that have damage which she promised to repair. I contest the issue to the extend her husband came to meet me in the mosque where I used to pray one Saturday morning on November 2017 on this issue with three elderly man which he introduced to me has his close friend compel and pleaded to me to pay her the money that they are guarantee me that they will fixed all I ask for this time that they have now aware of it that I should not allow anything to come up within me and my sister i.e the landlady and I gave them the honour and respect and I promised I wanted to travel when I come back I will pay her and I consulted many people on it which advised to pay one hundred thousand naira only(N100,000)meanwhile I have the accumulated balance of sixty four thousand two hundred and twenty five naira only(N64,250) with her  but with the look of things she cannot afford that money as that time that is why I accepted to pay the money so as to use it for the renovation of the toilet and buy the water pumping machine .
More so, I made the payment of sum of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) through her husband and his friend on January 2018 for October 2017 to September 2018 and the husband came to our compound the following day to discuss the issue on how to fixed the toilet and pumping machine within three day that water will be running in the house which other things will follow later but to my surprise I didn’t see the husband again except his friend that has shop near our house once in a while  and that one keep on telling me they didn’t say anything with him since the day he departed with the husband and the landlady.
Meanwhile, my tenancy for October 2017 to September 2018 has just expired and when she asked me for the renewal I told her to exercise patient till march 2019  but to my surprise I just saw a letter from a lawyer on 23rd December 2018 that I should vacate the apartment I am occupying within seven days which I didn’t even have the plan to leave the apartment they also believe no miracle could help meet up with that day since I didn’t have the plan for it and it was on these issue that my lost her 3months pregnant due to shock when she had the landlady telling it was a letter of ejection she to me , this really affected me so much for losing a pregnant after 3 years plus of my first son, which she later aware and feel sober about it, since then we are busy up and down to hospital after the evacuation we later went for test at harmony diagnosis center on 2nd January 2019,I was also praying on Saturday morning on the 12th of January when my landlady came in with a summon letter to Adewole Area court. So I am pleading to this Adewole Area court to please help me plead to my landlord to exercise patience till that date I gave her which is march ending 2019, thanks.