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Fiverr: Tutorial in 2019

What is Spanish Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the biggest references in the self-employment industry, commonly known as freelance. Founded in 2009, this platform has become the market for buying and selling digital products and services more Big, famous and used in the world.
A meeting place where people from all countries can offer and / or acquire some of the most demanded services of today in the world of online business: writing and translation of texts, graphic design, digital marketing, video and animation, photography, SEO, web programming, business and finance, music / audio, fun, lifestyle and many more.
So, if you are an entrepreneur whose objective is to work from home offering your services or on the contrary you are looking for professionals from a certain sector, this article will be interesting. I invite you to discover its operation 😉

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace or independent market where you can buy and sell products and services from $ 5 (hence its name). Founded in 2009, the company is based in Tel Aviv (Israel) and international offices in several countries such as New York, London, Berlin, Florida, etc.
Since its birth, the company has had a totally exponential growth, having already overcome the barrier of 50 million dollars in transactions made within the platform.
It has more than 200 employees and its founder and CEO,  Micha Kaufman , has already indicated on several occasions that his goal is to continue growing. Reasons are not lacking, since this market is booming and has no signs of stopping its evolution.
As soon as you enter the web, you will realize the huge range of possibilities that a market of these characteristics represents for any freelance worker.

   Categories and markets

Category Market
Graphics and designDesign of logos, business cards and stationery, web and mobile design, illustration, portraits and cartoons, packaging design, etc.
Digital marketingSocial media marketing, SEO, web traffic, local listings, surveys, network analyst, mobile advertising, etc.
Writing and translationProduct descriptions, creative writing, legal writing, translation and editing, press releases, copy-sales, etc.
Video and animationIntros & outros, video editing, visual effects, animated characters and modeling, short video ads, etc.
Music and audioNarration, songwriters, jingles and drops, sound effects, producers and composers, mixing and mastering, etc.
Programming and technologyWeb programming, wordpress, e-commerce, desktop applications, databases, chatbots, support and IT, etc.
BusinessVirtual assistant, brand services, business advice, financial consultation, market research, etc.
Fun and lifestyleArt and crafts, jokes and tricks, viral videos, health, nutrition, fitness, relationship advice, astrology and reading, etc.

How to register with Fiverr?

Fiverr uses a unique registration system for both sellers and buyers. Registration is completely free and available to people from all countries.
It is as simple as entering the official website and clicking on the "Join" button. You can use an email or simply link your Facebook account 🙂
➡ Access the official Fiverr website and register completely FREE

How does Fiverr work?

In the first place, we are going to see the operation of the platform from the point of view of a buyer, that is, in the case that you are looking for a place to acquire infinity of digital services at very competitive prices.
If you are already logged into your account, you will see a menu divided into different categories and a search engine in case you want to perform a search directly. As an important detail, Fiverr  is not in Spanish , but it can be easily translated with any online translator.
Spanish Fiverr search engine
Fiverr search engine in Spanish.
For example, imagine that you are looking for someone to do an intro for your YouTube channel. You can enter the word directly in the search engine or find this market in the "Video and animation" section.
Find services in Fiverr
Intros & outros creation services for Youtube.
At that time, you will see a lot of offers with a short description and their corresponding prices. You can click on any of them to review them in depth or use the different filters you will see on the left to further refine the search .
Filters search in Fiverr
The different search filters in Fiverr.
Once you have chosen the most interesting service (here known as Gig ) according to your tastes or needs, it will be time to review the most relevant information.
•   Information about the seller : A brief description of the seller of the service. Name, country, skills, user level, assessment within the community, etc.
Fiverr services seller information
Review the information of the service provider.
•   Description of the service : All the details about the service offered. It is important that you review it carefully to know with certainty what you are going to acquire.
•   Opinions : Here you will find the most valuable information of all, which is none other than the opinion of other users who have already used the services of the seller in question.
Fiverr user reviews
Check out the opinions of other users.
•   Order details : From here you can place your order, in addition to being able to choose between different additional services (higher quality, faster delivery, increased revisions, etc.).

   Finalizing the order

If you need support or clarify any questions about the service you want to hire, you can click on the "Contact me" button that you will find below the photo of the seller.
Once you receive the contracted service, you will have time to review it and be able to make modifications . As a general rule, sellers usually give the possibility of at least one free review, although there are some that offer several and even unlimited.
When you are 100% satisfied with the requested service, you must confirm that you have received it correctly and within the period stipulated by the seller. Finally, you can leave your assessment for other users to consider.
To consider
If you do not confirm receipt of the order within the stipulated period, it will be automatically accepted.

How to make money with Fiverr?

After having seen the operation from the point of view of a buyer, we will review the possibilities offered by this platform to all those freelancers or private users who want to monetize some of their skills.
As you can see at the beginning of the post, the categories and markets that make up the Fiverr marketplace are huge, so whatever your skill or talent is sure to fit 😉
The great community that makes up Fiverr can be the perfect showcase to make yourself known and start making money with your skills and knowledge. Seize it!
First of all, you have to go to the official website and click on the " Become a Seller " button , if you have it in Spanish.
➡ Do you want to monetize your skills? Click here and become a  seller
If you were previously registered as a buyer, you do not have to register again (the same account is used). If you are not, the steps to follow are the same as I mentioned at the beginning.
From there, you will have to complete a small form in which you must indicate your skills, studies, languages ​​and everything that can corroborate and certify your knowledge of what you are willing to offer your services.
Be a seller at Fiverr
Complete the form to be a seller at Fiverr.
It is important to fill in all this information completely and truthfully, since part of it will be visible to the entire buyer community and will be like your cover letter. Finally, you can also link your social networks, something that is also highly recommended.

Creating your first Gig

A Gig is the name of any service offered at Fiverr. Creating a Gig is your opportunity to show your skills to the entire community and provide buyers with the information they need to help them decide if doing business with you is a good decision.
The steps to create your first Gig are as follows:
  • When you are logged into your account, go to the "Sell" menu → "Gigs". If you have Fiverr in Spanish, «Sell» → «Concerts».
  • Click create a new Gig.

Step 1: Title and category

Step 2: Price and delivery time

Step 3: Frequently Asked Questions

Step 4: Requirements

Step 5: Image and video

Step 6: Publish
In the following video by Annie Ross, you can see the previous steps explained.

Seller levels in Fiverr

Fiverr has a system of levels to differentiate all freelancers who offer their services within the platform. Higher levels allow sellers to create more Gigs and offer more extra services with each Gig.
This system is also very useful for buyers, since they can differentiate the quality and reliability of each seller in a more exact way (at a higher level, greater confidence).
The different levels along with their respective requirements and benefits are as follows:

   New Level

✅ Advantages
  • 7 active gigs.
  • 2 extra Gigs ($ 5, $ 10, $ 20).
  • 5 multiple gigs.
  • Send personalized offers up to $ 5,000.
  • Withdrawal of earnings: 14 days.

   Level 1

⭕ Requirements
  • Complete at least 60 days as an active seller in Fiverr.
  • Complete at least 10 individual orders (all the time).
  • Earn at least $ 400.
  • Maintain a 4.8-star rating over the course of 60 days.
  • 90% response rate within 60 days.
  • 90% of the order completed within 60 days.
  • 90% delivery on time within 60 days.
  • Avoid receiving notices within 30 days.
✅ Advantages
  • 10 active gigs.
  • 4 extra Gigs ($ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40).
  • 10 multiple gigs.
  • Send personalized offers up to $ 5,000.
  • Withdrawal of earnings: 14 days.
  • Eligibility to appear in promotional ads.

   Level 2

⭕ Requirements
  • Complete at least 120 days as an active seller in Fiverr.
  • Complete at least 50 individual orders (all the time).
  • Earn at least $ 2,000.
  • Maintain a 4.8-star rating over the course of 60 days.
  • 90% response rate within 60 days.
  • 90% of the order completed within 60 days.
  • 90% delivery on time within 60 days.
  • Avoid receiving notices within 30 days.
✅ Advantages
  • 20 active gigs.
  • 5 extra Gigs ($ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40, $ 50).
  • 15 multiple gigs.
  • Priority customer service.
  • Send personalized offers, up to $ 10,000.
  • Eligibility to appear in promotional ads.
  • Eligibility for the client's success program.
  • Withdrawal of earnings: 14 days.

   Highest qualified level

⭕ Requirements
  • Complete at least 180 days as an active seller in Fiverr.
  • Complete at least 100 individual orders (all the time).
  • Earn at least $ 20,000.
  • Maintain a 4.8-star rating over the course of 60 days.
  • 90% response rate within 60 days.
  • 90% of the order completed within 60 days.
  • 90% delivery on time within 60 days.
  • Avoid receiving notices within 30 days.
✅ Advantages
  • 30 active gigs.
  • 6 extra Gigs ($ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40, $ 50, $ 100).
  • 20 multiple gigs.
  • Priority customer service.
  • Custom offers, up to $ 10,000.
  • VIP customer service.
  • Eligibility to appear in promotional ads.
  • Eligibility for the client's success program.
  • Withdrawal of earnings: 7 days.

How to put Fiverr in Spanish?

Without a doubt, the fact of not having an option to put Fiverr in Spanish within the platform itself is a true mystery. Given the huge community of Spanish-speaking users who operate on the web, nobody understands why this has not been corrected for some time.
In addition, it should be borne in mind that in the past this option was available, so the reason for its elimination  is a bit incomprehensible  😐
Meanwhile, the only alternative (fully functional) is to use the automatic translator of any current browser. I use the one that comes built into Google Chrome and perfectly fulfills this function.

Commissions and fees for sellers

As is evident, Fiverr is an intermediary who earns money through the commissions that he applies to the different transactions that are carried out within his platform.
The standard rate is 2% with a minimum of $ 1 . Although for large amounts it is not an excessive commission, it is for small amounts. For example, if you make a sale for $ 5, you will receive $ 4, which means that Fiverr will take 20%.
Additionally, withdrawals have a commission of $ 3 in the case of bank transfers, being  free through PayPal  *.
Although Fiverr does not charge commission through this route, PayPal can do so depending on your country and / or currency.

Positive and negative aspects to consider

Regardless of whether you are going to use this platform as a buyer or as a service seller, it is important that you first know its main virtues and its most prominent defects.

In favor
  • As a buyer, you can find many services at really cheap prices.
  • Totally free platform, without costs or subscriptions of any kind.
  • As a seller, you can offer your professional services very easily and conveniently.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to sell in Fiverr. Any creative person can do it.
  • You can earn money doing what you like most from the comfort of your home.
  • As you level up, your degree of exposure is increasing.
  • Available for people from all countries.

  • Except at the maximum vendor level, earnings cannot be withdrawn within 14 days after being charged. It is a security measure of the web in case the buyer poses any problem.
  • If you are new to the platform and create a Gig where there is a lot of competition, your visibility may be virtually nil.
  • The commissions are quite high for small amounts.

Conclusion and opinions about Fiverr

Whether you are a freelancer in search of work or if you are a user who is simply looking for a place to buy hundreds of digital services at very competitive prices, Fiverr is a really useful platform.
From a buyer's point of view, there are times when you find really impressive offers. Without going any further, both the logo of this blog and the intro of the videos on  my YouTube channel I acquired here for just $ 5 😮
On the other hand, if you are a freelance worker looking for a place to offer your services, you should definitely register and give it a try. The possibilities are immense and the risk is nonexistent.
Remember that the platform is totally free and valid for users around the world, so you don't lose anything for trying.

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